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The games

There are many different paintball games you can choose to play on a paintball field. We offer you the 10 most popular games in Bali. Please scroll down to find our games.


Two teams shoot at each other until the team that has most players left at the end of the round or the last team standing, wins the game (time limited and non time limited)

Buzzer game

Each base has a Horn, if the horn is sounded by an opponent in your base, you lose! no matter how many players are left. One of the top paintball games in Bali to play !

Protect the president

One team tries to assassinate the president, while bodyguards try to protect the president from getting shot.


Zombies have special markings on their goggles, once you get shot by a Zombie you cannot die in the game, your mask will be marked so everybody else recognizes you as a Zombie, your task is now to make more Zombies until mankind has died out. Will mankind survive?


Only one flag is hung in the middle of the field and needs to be captured and returned to your own base. For a more challenging game, if you are brave enough to choose, is to take the captured flag and raise it on the opponents base. One of our favorite paintball games in Bali for sure.

Intervall Flag or collector Game

Several flags and artifacts are hidden in the field, the team that collects the most flags and/or the most valuable artifacts (each artifact given a specific point value that is calculated at the end of the game) wins the game.

Save the hostage

Scenario game where a hostage is being held by a team, and groups of 3,5 or 7 attempt to save the poor soul.

Capture the Flag

Through brute force or stealth, capture the opponents flag from their base and bring it back to your own, the winner is the first team that has both flags in their base, if a player holding the captured flag is shot when returning to their base, they must halt and raise the flag until a player from either team takes its from them.

Last man standing

Everyman for himself, the last player standing wins it all!

Shoot the rabbit

Paintball Canggu offers the classic bachelor party "Bucks party" game, a real life rabbit hunt! except, the bachelor is the Rabbit! "Go get him boys!"

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