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The fields near Canggu

With the help of Oliver Lang (former paintball world champion) we designed our paintball near Canggu. It is important to have fields that are suitable for the right amount of people. A small group on a big field with have as less fun as a big group on a small field.

We've spent months figuring out the ideal sizes and shapes to give you the most thrilling paintball experience when you come to Bali. Please scroll down to find our fields.

The village

Playable for: 6 – 14 players

Our main attraction field, the village, is a real life scenario field suitable for realistic games as well for police and security trainings. With multiple houses where you can walk up to the second or even the third floor do we want to give you the real feeling of playing your favourite computer game. Countless barricades, bunkers and hidden entrances will guarantee you 100% fun.

Paintball Canggu Bali

Marine field

Playable for: 6 – 10 players

Bali is an Island, and therefore was it out of question for us to design a field that fits to this beautiful island. We put several boats and hidden tunnels on our marine field, to give you the real experience as if you have a fight in the bay. With different levels of the field, you do have natural obstacles to crawl or even sneak up to your opponent.

Paintball Canggu Bali

Sup Air field

Playable for: 4 – 6 players

A sup air field is for players that are or want to become professional players. On a sup air field you will find multiple inflatables with all different shapes. Teams usually plan their strategy before they enter the field to defeat the other team.

Paintball Canggu Bali

Marine + Sup air

Playable for: 10 – 15 players

Our fields are designed in a way that allows us to merge them for bigger groups. With this field will we merge the “Marine field” and the “Sup-Air field” together to one. It’s the ultimate paintball near Canggu. (Has to be requested 24 hours in advance)

Paintball Canggu Bali

Field sizes

It is important to find the right field size for you and your friends. Therefore, on our Paintball field near Canggu, Bali, we have designed flexible fields to suit your group Our fields can accommodate group sizes from 2 to 20 people.

Inflatable field (4 - 6 players )0
Marine field ( 6 - 10 players )0
Marine + Inflatable ( 10 - 15 players )0
The village ( 6 - 14 players )0
Paintball Canggu Bali

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