Paintball Bali: Our Fields & Games

With the help of Oliver Lang – former paintball world champion – we designed Paintball Bali.

We’ve put our heart into determining the ideal sizes and layouts to deliver the most thrilling paintball adventure when you visit Bali. Scroll down to discover our fields and game options.

The Village

Playable for: 6 – 14 players

Our main attraction field, The Village, is a real-life scenario field suitable for realistic games as well as police and security training. With multiple houses where you can walk up to the second or even third floor, we aim to give you the real feeling of playing your favorite computer game. Countless barricades, bunkers, and hidden entrances guarantee 100% fun.

Marine Field

Playable for: 6 – 10 players

Bali is an Island, and therefore was it out of question for us to design a field that fits to this beautiful island. We put several boats and hidden tunnels on our marine field, to give you the real experience as if you have a fight in the bay. With different levels of the field, you do have natural obstacles to crawl or even sneak up to your opponent.

Sup Air Field

Playable for: 4 – 6 players

A sup air field is for players that are or want to become professional players. On a sup air field you will find multiple inflatables with all different shapes. Teams usually plan their strategy before they enter the field to defeat the other team. People love to play this paintball field in Bali.

Marine & Sup Air Field

Playable for: 10 – 15 players

Our fields are designed in a way that allows us to merge them for bigger groups. With this field will we merge the “Marine field” and the “Sup-Air field” together to one. It’s the ultimate paintball near Canggu. (Has to be requested 24 hours in advance)

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Paintball Games in Bali

There are many different paintball games you can choose to play on a paintball field. We offer you the 10 most popular games in Bali. Please scroll down to find our games.


Two teams eliminate each other until the team with the most players left on the field at the end of the game is declared the winner of the round. (There are time-limited and non-time-limited versions.).


Only one flag is hung in the middle of the field and needs to be captured and returned to your own base. For a more challenging game, if you are brave enough, take the captured flag and raise it in the opponent’s base. One of our favorite paintball games in Bali for sure.

Capture the flag

Through brute force or stealth, capture the opponent’s flag from their base and bring it back to your own. The winner is the first team that has both flags in their base. If a player holding the captured flag is shot while returning to their base, they must halt and raise the flag until a player from either team takes it from them.

Buzzer Game

Each base has a horn. If an opponent sounds the horn in your base, you lose, no matter how many players are left. One of the top paintball games in Bali!

Intervall Flag or Collector Game

Several flags and artifacts are hidden in the field. The team that collects the most flags and/or the most valuable artifacts (each artifact is given a specific point value that is calculated at the end of the game) wins.

Protect the President

One team tries to assassinate the president while bodyguards try to protect the president from getting shot and bring him to the other side or keep him safe for the duration of the game.

Save the Hostage

A scenario game where a hostage is being held by a team, and groups of 3, 5, or 7 attempt to save the poor soul.


Zombies have special markings on their goggles. Once you get shot by a Zombie, you cannot die in the game. Your mask will be marked so everyone else recognizes you as a Zombie. Your task is now to create more Zombies until mankind has died out. Will mankind survive?

Shoot the Rabbit

Paintball Canggu offers the classic bachelor party “Bucks party” game, a real-life rabbit hunt! Except the bachelor is the rabbit. “Go get him, boys!”

Last Man Standing

Every man for himself. The last player standing wins it all!

Discover the Ultimate Paintball Experience in Bali

Get ready for an adrenaline-packed adventure at Paintball Bali, the top destination for paintball fun in Canggu. Surrounded by the stunning landscapes of Bali, our facility offers the perfect environment for an extraordinary paintball experience.

Dive into the excitement of strategic gameplay, teamwork, and intense action on our premier paintball fields.

Perfect for All Skill Levels

At Paintball Bali, we cater to everyone, from paintball novices to experienced players. Our dedicated team ensures an exceptional experience, offering guidance to newcomers and tactical tips for seasoned players. Suit up, collaborate with your teammates, and get ready to take on thrilling game scenarios and tackle challenging obstacles.

Realistic and High-Quality Paintball Guns

Experience the thrill of our realistic and durable paintball guns, designed to simulate real firearms for an authentic game experience. These high-quality markers elevate your paintball adventure, adding an extra layer of excitement. Discover more about our top-notch paintball guns here.

Expertise and Passionate Team

With paintball champion Oliver Lang and our enthusiastic team at the helm, Paintball Bali guarantees a superior experience. Our dedication and expertise ensure that every player, whether a beginner or a veteran, has an unforgettable time on our fields.

Highlights of Bali Paintball

  • Welcoming beginners and pros alike
  • Three distinct fields: bamboo village, marine field, and jungle field
  • Accommodates group sizes from 2 people upwards
  • Play with friends or join open games
  • Realistic and durable paintball guns

Join us at Paintball Bali and create unforgettable memories on your next adventure!